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Love is blind

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From: XX (Thailand)
To: dinda’kk (Indonesia)
Date: Sep 27, 2008 10:22 AM
Subject: my boy friend
Hi my friend, my sister
Last 2 weeks I saw some picture of him. it was making me so sad and crazy. I told him he’s dirty man and he was very angry on me. He said he never go with somegirl but the picture I saw it’s just play. He can’t accept what I said and if I think he’s dirty man what I want to do? Stay with dirty man or what?
I’m so sad I can’t stay without him and I don’t want he do that but on the way I said ok I accept that and please tell me before you do that and before you make love with somebody. I know I said that because I love him. is not I really can acccept that. Because I say that now I just wait if the story come true I can control one’s mind or not. Will see… my life is so hard.
Thank you very much to be my best friend.


From: dinda’kk (Indonesia)
To: XX (Thailand)
Date: Oct 5,2008
Subject: Love is blind
Compare with my true story …
I loved him (my ex-husband) so much more than anything in this world was then.
He was everything to me. Since the first time I met him, I found he was not a good man.
He had so many girl friends. But I still married him. Coze love is blind… ?!
During our marriage, he shown his bad side
I prayed, wished that he could change someday. Some years of our marriage with patient is not a short term. In the end i have to accept that he still choose another girl. to me my love had been soo deep, it blinded me, and I just realize that with him all this long is just living in prison of hell.
He did’nt change, never will and never can
I did’nt meant to frightened or judge you in any way.
Feels of compassion, like in the same boat, encourage me to told you my story
Hope it’ll bring benefit
It’s true… it’s hard to decide when to breakup and leave behind the one we loves but better pain in the beginning than the end.
My deepest symphaty for you, dinda’kk


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